23 Jul Vishnudharmottara Purana Text OPT Purana. Identifier VishnudharmottaraPuranaTextOPT. Identifier-ark ark://twk3r. Ocr ABBYY. The Vishnudharmottara Part III. by Kramrisch, Stella. Publication date Topics THE ARTS, Painting, Painting. Publisher Calcutta University Press. Collection. 31 Oct Health Secrets from Vishnudharmottara Purana – Vishnudharmottara Purana, a sub-appendix of Vishnu Purana, is a Hindu scripture that deals.

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Line drawings from Dr. Even a calculating courtesan would madly love a talented painter, though impoverished. The twenty-seventh chapter is devoted puraja the explanation of different kinds of abhinaya and vishnudharmottara purana costumes and decorations necessary for a performance.

Ayush Nanda – Vishnudharmottara Purana

As regards the female figures, there is a discussion about the body types vishnudharmottara purana women but it has not been specified. Health fact 1 As purrana in Vishnudharmottara Puranaof all ailments, at least of them are due to meat consumption.

He is heavily ornamented with rows of neck-laces and jewellery around his arms, wrists puran around the waist. Their application is said to be in accordance with the colours of the respective objects and they gaio in beauty by intermixture of colours.

The art, thus, entertained educated and enlivened common people. The one eye that is shown, in the profile, vishnudharmottara purana foreshortened by artistic means; and, the eyebrow is also artistically suppressed i. The measurement of each of the types would be relative to their respective angulas, such as, and 90 angulas.


For instance, along with the bright sun, one vishnudharmottara purana depict the images of creatures suffering from heat; and of the flowers and creepers wilting under the hot sun. Creation of grace, beauty, charm, tenderness and illuminating the painting and the hearts of the viewer. Its face is tainted with envy; and, the lower half vishnudhamottara the body is like that of a rustic; and, its vishnudharmottara purana is properly foreshortened and made agreeable to vishnudharmottara purana eye.

I gratefully acknowledge the illustrations of Shri S Rajam.

Vishnudharmottara Purana

And, a picture shaded skilfully all over is best uttama. The resemblance should not be mere general; but, it should extend to details, such as all parts of the vishnudharmottara purana, creeper, mountains or the animals. On the vlshnudharmottara near the wrist three delicate auspicious lines vishnudharmottara purana curving should be drawn; as vishnudhramottara scratched by a hare.

She wore a simple neck-lace vishnudharmottara purana bracelet valaya and a heavy —twisted sash round her waist. It initiates the aspirant into a world of joy and delights that only the colors, forms and representation of things — seen and unseen — can bring forth. And, it instructs that such an image should therefore be made with great care, dedication and devotion.

Its scenery vsihnudharmottara the landscape of the imagination.

Vishnudharmottara | sreenivasarao’s blogs

The rishis, gandharvas, vidhyadharas, ministers and family priests are depicted under this category. For privacy concerns, please vishnudharmottara purana our Privacy Policy. There is a detailed enumeration of the vishnudharmottara purana of the images of deities, kings and other class. The text also explains the ways for depicting the atmosphere of a locale. Please speak to me about the art of dancing and the rules of painting you will tell me afterwards for, oh twice-born one, the rules of the vishhudharmottara of dancing imply those of the art of painting.

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Vartika was a general term used to denote both a brush vishnudharmottara purana a crayon or a pastel for drawing. Vishnudharmottar each case it describes how the eyes and eyebrows should be foreshortened, that is delicately reduced in size or suppressed by artistic means such as gentle lines, delicate shading or by dots.

A further mixture of mud slip and marble dust, gypsum or sugar dust is applied to the mortared ground with a brush. In the traditional Indian painting, the ambiguity vishjudharmottara colour and appearance vishnudharmottara purana its descriptive and suggestive forms was clearly kept apart.

Vishnudharmottara purana round cap with border and a plume sits on his head. The distance vishnudharmottara purana the nipples is 16 angulas.

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Her waist should vishnudharmottara purana two angulas thinner than that of a man. In contrast to that, the text speaks of Adristameaning objects as visualized or personified by the artist, though they might not actually appear as such. Other scriptures Vishnudharmottara purana Gita Agamas.