8 Feb DR. ESPERANTOS INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, INTRODUCTION & Complete Grammar. ~por Angloj~ ENGLISH EDITION BYR. 26 Jul years ago, on 26 July , a modest little book was published in Warsaw. The book appeared under the pseudonym “Dr Esperanto” and. 1 Jul On July 26, , L.L. Zamenhof published Unua Libro, the first book in the invented “universal” language of Esperanto—now spoken by more.

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He also welcomes critical feedback for the next year and promises to consider criticism before publishing a special booklet that will give definitive form to the language the following year which was to be Aldono al la Dua Libro.

Lagodovsky, then censor for Russian books in Warsaw, to give permission. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Libor Policy.

La Unua Libro – European studies blog

Then in libr mother, now widowed, decided to take the rest of her family and emigrate to the northwestern corner of the United States, to be near a brother who had located on a little island there called Orcas. Public domain Public domain false false.

How much time, labour, and money are wasted in translating the literary productions of one nation into the language of another, and yet, if we rely on translations alone, we can become acquainted with but a tithe of foreign literature. In part II, he demonstrates the ease of using Esperanto for international communication due to a simple and clear vocabulary. I shall not here enter upon an analysis of the various attempts already made to give the public a universal language, but will content myself with remarking that these efforts have amounted, either to a short system of mutually-intelligible signs, or to a natural simplification of the grammar of existing modern languages, with a change of their words into uhua ones.


Edited by Paul Gubbins.

To render the study of the language ubua easy as to make its acquisition mere play to the learner. By all measures, Zamenhof’s “universal vote” campaign failed. He had begun it in his Valdez days, taking notes in the margins of shorthand pads as Aleut lbiro testified in court. The principal difficulties to be overcome were: Zamenhof quickly withdrew the book its few surviving copies are true rarities today and asked Geoghegan to make his own version, which he did.

File:Unua Libro.jpg

An Anthology of Esperanto Lihro. Geoghegan took one look and warned the good doctor that libor stilted, error-filled English would only make his project a laughing-stock in England. Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof User: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. InZamenhof reproduced much of the content of Unua Libro in Fundamento de Esperantowhich he established as the only obligatory authority over Esperanto in the Declaration of Boulogne at the first World Esperanto Congress later that year.

The little book that introduced Esperanto to the English-speaking world. This work is a translation and has a separate copyright status to the applicable copyright protections of the original content. Retrieved November 16, La Internacia Lingvo por Poloj — la unua pola lernolibro de Esperanto.

By Tim February 8, Number: So he moved to Tacoma for a while, learned shorthand and worked on and off as a secretary for, among others, both the British and Japanese consulates there. To demonstrate this, he translates the Our Father and Genesis 1: Being compelled, as we now are, to devote our time to the study of several different languages, we cannot study any of them sufficiently well, and there are but few persons who can even boast a complete mastery of their mother-tongue; on the other hand, languages cannot progress towards perfection, and we are often obliged, even in speaking our own language, to borrow words and expressions from foreigners, or to express our thoughts inexactly.


Richard Geoghegan and the “Unua Libro”

He was born in in Birkenhead, England, the eldest son of an English mother and Irish father; but it was always his Irish heritage that he particularly treasured. Geoghegan in his late years.

The immense importance, which it may well be imagined, an international language would acquire in science, commerce, etc. The greater part of the world was not in the slightest degree interested in the prospect of a new language, and the persons who really cared about the matter thought it scarcely worth while to learn a tongue which none but the inventor could understand.

The work had continued through all those later years. Along with his professional career, Geoghegan carried on a parallel life as a world-class linguist. A short time later Zamenhof sent him the newly published English edition of his little book, the work of one Julius Steinhaus.

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