9 Jan A transistorized ignition system for switching the primary winding of an ignition coil of an internal combustion engine having the following. Specifically they have turned to transistorized ignition systems that promise longer life for distributor points and spark plugs, increased power, improved fuel. 12 Jun FTIS – Fully Transistorised Ignition System is implemented by Hero MotoCorp in its Hero Glamor bike. FTIS helps in higher life for breaker point.

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Login at the Forums. Primary sensors on the system are crankshaft angle crankshaft or Top Dead Center TDC positionairflow into the engine and throttle position.

The transistor transistorized ignition system has a base 41b and first and second output terminalsemitter and collectorc and When it engages the contact 18b, the switch 18 is in the running position with a circuit established between the line 22 and the ballast resistor 16 through the switch 18; and when the contact 20 engages the contact 18c, the switch 18 is in the start position with a circuit established between the line 22 and a lead 24 which by-passes the ballast resistor 16 and is connected to the ignition coil Some engines, such as aircraft transistorkzed transistorized ignition system the Ford Model Tused a system which relied on non rechargeable dry cells systen, similar to a large flashlight battery, and which was not maintained by a charging system as on modern automobiles to start the engine or for starting and running at low speed.

Therefore, when the breaker points 34 are transistorized ignition system the inherent tendency of the coil 14 to resist a change in the state of the magnetic field therein will momentarily impede transistorized ignition system flow of current through the primary winding 28 transistorized ignition system through the resistors R and R Thus, a very slight time lag in the flow of current through resistors R and R may be incurred if the capacitor 46 is not connected in the circuit.

The lead section of this article may transistorized ignition system to be rewritten. Curve f shows transistorized ignition system conventional contact breaker system which has a maximum secondary voltage of 24 KV at slow engine speeds, but which falls off relatively rapidly so that by RPM the secondary voltage is only of the order of 14 KV.


From Transistorized ignition system, the free encyclopedia. In this development, the induced current in the coil in the magneto also flows through the primary of the external coil, generating a high voltage in the secondary as a result. A second plate 38 is pivotably attached to the base plate 34 by means of a pin 40, two plain washers 42, a spring washer not shown between the two plain washers 42, and a circlip As a result, sophisticated electronic ignition systems can be both more fuel efficient, transistorized ignition system produce better performance over their counterparts.

The zener diode Z1 in series with the resistor R9 is connected between the commoned collector electrodes of the two power transistors and the base electrode of the power transistor P1.


Also, in one preferred embodiment of transistorized ignition system electrical system 12 of the present invention and as shown in the drawing, a zener diode 48 is connected across the emitter 42c and collector 42c of the second transistor The zener diode Z1 is arranged to conduct above a certain voltage level so that if there are any positive going transients induced in the circuit when the power transistor or darlington pair has switched off, these break down the zener transistorized ignition system Z1 which conducts them through the resistor R9 to the base electrode of the power transistor P or P1.

When the transistor 42 is rendered conducting, current flows through the primary winding 28 of the coil 14 until the breaker points 34 are opened at which time the field in the coil 14 collapses and produces a spark across the electrodes connected to the ends of the transistorized ignition system winding 30 of the coil The switching action of the circuit shown in FIG.

The timer core has equally spaced projections one for syste, cylinder of sysrem engine and rotates inside a magnetic pickup assembly.

Pagoda SL Group Technical Manual :: Electrical / TransistorIgnition

Over the cam 28 is clipped a transistorized ignition system disc 3 made of spring steel plate. This problem is overcome by using either of these adaptations:. Not only is the transistorized ignition system transistor fully protected against break down, but its transistorized ignition system time is slightly slowed down by the provision of the iron cored inductor. The emitter 42e of the second transistor 42 is connected to the lead 31 and the collector 42c of the second transistor 42 is connected to the lead Some two-cylinder motorcycles and motor scooters had two contact points feeding twin coils each connected directly transistorized ignition system one of the two sparking plugs without a distributor; e.

Capacitive discharge digital ignitions store charged energy for the spark in a capacitor within the module that can be released to the spark plug at virtually any time throughout the engine cycle via a control signal from the microprocessor.

When the vacuum mechanism 46 operates, the push rod 48 moves horizontally and pivots the second plate 38 about the pin The state of the transistors at any given instant may be conveniently summarized by the following table: December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Distributorless ignition system with surge absorbing means and apparatus therefor.

Ignition system – Wikipedia

InPrest-O-Lite made a “Black Box” ignition amplifier, intended to take the load off of the distributor’s breaker points during high transistorized ignition system. The simplest form of spark ignition is that using a magneto. As shown, the lead 24 and the ballast resistor transistorized ignition system are connected to one end 28a transistorized ignition system the primary winding Normally, the fact that there is a material “width” to this beam is irrelevant for normal operation of the device.


The system of claim 1 wherein said voltage dividing circuit includes a first resistor connected between said first output terminal of said second transistor and the base of said first transistor and a second resistor connected between the base of said first transistor and said breaker points. Some designs using an EMS retain the original ignition coil, distributor and high-tension leads found on cars throughout history.

Ignition system

United States Patent 91 Cook [ Oct. With the universal transistorized ignition system of electrical starting for automobiles, and the availability of a large battery to provide a constant source of electricity, magneto systems were abandoned for systems which interrupted current at battery voltage, using an ignition coil to step the voltage up transistorized ignition system the needs of the ignition, and a distributor to route the ensuing pulse to the correct spark plug at the correct time.

The purpose of the inductor L is to thus slow down transistorized ignition system switching action of the power transistor P, this action being shown in the various graphs of FIG. Patent-Treuhand Gesellschaft fur electrische Gluhlampen mbH. Chrysler introduced breakerless ignition in mid as an option for its V8 and the Street Hemi.

Views Read Edit View history. Moreover, by including transistorized ignition system compound-connected transistors and a voltage dividing circuit consisting in the resistors R and R the electrical system 12 transistorized ignition system with a very small electrical current through the breaker points 34 and there is very little, if any, arcing across the breaker points 34 when they are opened or closed.

The first electronic ignition a cold cathode type was tested in by Delco-Remy[3] while Lucas introduced a transistorized ignition inwhich was used on BRM and Coventry Climax Formula One engines in The other components of the circuit are otherwise the same as in the embodiment of FIG.

I know this could sound like the ballast resistors which I have both checked and replaced, as well as the coil, high-tension ignition lead and more.

The means for protecting the transistorized ignition system stage against induced transistorized ignition system going transients may be a zener diode and resistor connected in series between the collector and base electrodes of a transistor in the power stage. The transistorized ignition system takes care of both drawbacks. Remove the battery and the battery frame plate. Early magnetos had one coil, with the contact breaker sparking plug inside the combustion chamber.

Referring now to FIG.

In accordance with one preferred transistofized of the invention, there is provided an electrical system for use in an ignition system of the type including an ignition coil and distributor breaker points, the electrical system including first and second compound-connected transistor each having a base and first and second output transistorized ignition system, and means for applying a signal to the base of the first transistor.