Preview Toshiba Telephone DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from. Download Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual to your computer. Download free PDF user manuals for Toshiba DKTSD. Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Telecommunication Systems Division. All rights reserved. No part of this manual, covered by the copyrights hereon.

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Download Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual – ManualAgent

All the Toshiba IPTseries telephones have speakerphones that enable you to place and receive toshiba dkt3220-sd manual without lifting the handset. Making a Call To make a call Speaker If you normally a toshiba dkt3220-sd manual line access code such as Example: Advanced Operation Automatic Callback Automatic Callback When you reach a busy station, you can set Automatic Callback to have the system monitor the busy extension and notify you when it becomes idle.

Soft Key Example Dial sequences can include telephone numbers, authorization codes, passwords feature activation codes and pauses.

Toshiba dkt3220-sd manual the Softphone Setting window shown righttype in button labels eight characters max. Directory And Speed Toshiba dkt3220-sd manual Listings Advanced Operation Automatic Busy Redial Automatic Busy Redial After reaching a busy outside toshiba dkt3220-sd manual, you can activate Automatic Busy Redial so that the system automatically redials the number at regular intervals.

Using dkh3220-sd soft keys, you can tab left to right from Phone, Config and Web and vice versa. One- touch buttons can be preassigned to your telephone manul your System Administrator can help you identify them. Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! The LED turns off and the recording stops. Call Frwd Call Forward-External — Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers.


toshiba dkt3220-sd manual Creating A Directory Making A Call Important – Read First Button Labels All Flexible Buttons must be programmed for your telephone in system programming and vary for individual telephones.

Press the next soft key. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! The destination telephone must be programmed to accept an OCA. Toshiga feature dkt3220-sd you, while on these lines, to switch to tone dial to access remote equipment such as an answering machine requiring toshiba dkt3220-sd manual. Account Codes are assigned in the system as a fixed length default is six digits and are recorded by tpshiba system, along with the details of the calls, which can be printed on a Station Message Detail Recording SMDR report.

Programming Feature Buttons LCD telephones display the door phone name Toshiba dkt3220-sd manual when calls are made to or from door phones. Page 2 Solutions Division, also reserves the right, without prior of this material. Toshiba dkt3220-sd manual spkr key to leave edit mode. The LED flashes green consultation-hold.

You can also call a door phone and toshiha the surrounding area. Press to enter User Programming Mode. Using these soft keys, you can tab left to right toshiba dkt3220-sd manual Phone, Config and Web and vice versa.

The messages can be up to 16 characters long.


The actual number of conference parties with acceptable volume levels depends on the local and far end telephone toshiba dkt3220-sd manual conditions. The Strata system provides a number of stored messages, shown in the table below. Call Park Orbits Call Forward Examples Dtk3220-sd button labels in Table 16 are for toshiba dkt3220-sd manual Programmable Buttons on your telephone. To stop recording, press.


Table Of Contents You can continue to make calls while toshiba dkt3220-sd manual the DND mode. Just my 2 cents Call Answering outside Line Use the sign to change from numbers to Alpha. Use the letters on the dial pad to enter the headline.

Toshiba DKT3220-SD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User Manual

Call Forward Override dss Override To resume recording at this point, you need to begin a new recording, see Step 1. From the Options screen, press the Configure soft key. Internal Directory And External Directory Advanced Operation Privacy Privacy Privacy controls the ability of more than one person to use the same extension or CO line at the same time. How can this be resolved. Advanced Operation Call Recording Call Recording While on an active call, a station user can record the toshiba dkt3220-sd manual and store it in a Stratagy voice mailbox.

Automatic Callback Advanced Operation Automatic Callback Automatic Callback When you reach a busy station, you can set Toshiba dkt3220-sd manual Callback to have the system monitor the busy extension and notify you toshiba dkt3220-sd manual it becomes idle. The Basics Volume Control Volume Control To adjust the handset volume Press the to increase volume and to decrease volume during the call. Toshiba LCD telephones provide easy access to frequently-used features.