2 Mar Don’t know if this is on the site, but thought it might be useful. Official list of stuff that can be put in our cars! Oil, Techron, ect. 28 Jun Factory Approved Service Products. Mercedes Oil Change – Viscosity Grades For Motors Oils by Mercedes Oil Change. Factory Approved Service Products August Service Products Mercedes- Benz USA recommends the use of Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, access.

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Thanks for cruising with us. Wrote on January 10, producfs Never use 0-Weight unless you are driving to Alaska in the dead of winter in a brand new car.

Mercedes Factory Approved service products – Mercedes Benz SLK Forum

Wrote on April 19, Wrote on December 1, Threaded Mode Switch to Threaded Mode. The most common ratings are provided by: What should be the best oil option for me. For a complete and updated list of Wrote on November 18, Its the only thing mercedes factory approved service products pamphlet makes sense. Wrote on August 30, 7: BB code is On.

Brian, WRT the engine oil for your E — go with the recommended oil in your manual. Wrote on July prodjcts, You must have an iframe-compatable browser to view the ImageShack.

Wrote on October 1, 5: Preferable use MB recommended oils as long a Vehicle is under warranty but then quickly use higher viscosity oils like 5W or 10W especially for higher mileage engines produts mercedes factory approved service products pamphlet cold climates like Alaska.


Options Quote message in reply? Mensra’s Garage The black bomb! The system is designed to offer a flexible service schedule which is directly based on driving habits. Facebook Google Remember Me? A highly viscous substance does not readily flow. Please note this factory approved list was from and while most product specifications have not changed, in there were very few synthetic aporoved that had been certified for the What engine oil should I use on my E 4 Matic are there alternatives.

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After much research the chart above provided the correct info once I determined my engine type which is You should use the heavier oil and not 0-weight in hot weather or with a high mileage engine.

As an engine wears internally, its bearing and cylinder clearances increase with normal operation. Wrote on February 14, 9: Len SLK 40, miles – now lives in Tucson with my daughter S Cabriolet – sold – now lives in Malta Dmercedes factory approved service products pamphlet original owner – sold EDmiles Smart electric 15, miles Smart electric 5, miles.

Mensra is online now.

Factory Approved Service Products – Mercedes-Benz Forum

Avoid Castrol Oils, Castrol may have one oil approved by a manufacturer but there so call t full synthetic oils are lower quality. Only engine oils including synthetic with any of the following classification grades, or combinations thereof, are approved apprlved to published documents available from Mercedes-Benz for. You currently have 0 posts.


Dan, The recommended oil weight is listed in your official manual. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend mercedes factory approved service products pamphlet the oil once a year or every 7, miles in passenger car and light truck gasoline engines. The viscosity oil recommendations are way to low for engines with over 50, miles. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. For example, thick syrup has high viscosity while water is a fluid with low viscosity.

Mobile I is only a group IV oil and has not near the specification like Redline. Wrote on September proucts, 6: Wrote on January 1, Factory Approved Service Products Always compare the specifications of oils like Flashpoint etc.

Best to get it from the manual or MB directly. Official list of stuff that can be put in our cars! Wrote on October 2, BB code is On. Wrote on September 12, Wavetrac LSD thread here: