Another List of PHOBIAS in alphabetical order. Names of Phobias Related to the FEAR OF starting with. Mania phobia: Irrational fear of madness The word Phobia means an extreme or irrational fear of something. Go through the following list of fears and pick the ones that match your symptoms (hope Different types of Friends · Different types of Manias · Different types of People. 24 Aug PHOBIA/ MANIA/ PHILIA. MEANING. Acousticophobia. Fear of Noise. Achluophobia OR Scotophobia. Fear of Darkness. Acrophobia. Fear of.

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Taeniophobia – Fear of tapeworms. Hemaphobia – Fear of blood. Blennophobia – Fear of slime. Textophobia – Fear of certain fabrics. Pediophobia – Fear of dolls. Psychophobia – Fear of mind. Apotemnophobia – Fear of persons with amputations. Brontophobia – Fear of thunder and lightning.


List of phobias

Cypriphobia – Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. Taurophobia – Fear of bulls. Agliophobia – Fear of pain. Amychophobia – Fear of scratches or being scratched. Anemophobia – Fear of air drafts or wind.

Eosophobia – Fear of dawn or daylight. M List of phobias and their meanings List of phobias and manias – Fear of long waits. Kolpophobia – Fear of genitals, particulary female. Pathophobia – Fear of disease. Eurotophobia – Fear of female genitalia. Dermatophathophobia – Fear of skin disease. Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of being touched.

Stenophobia – Fear of narrow things or places. Hygrophobia – Fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture. Erytophobia- Fear of redlights. Pantophobia – Fear of phobiad.

Dystychiphobia – Fear of accidents. Cainotophobia – Fear of newness, novelty. Psychrophobia – Fear of cold.

Bathophobia – Fear of depth. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Sinistrophobia – Fear of things to the left, left-handed.

List Of Phobias And Their Meanings

Genuphobia – Fear of knees. Placophobia – Fear of tombstones. Staurophobia – Fear of crosses or the crucifix. Olfactophobia – Fear of smells. Seplophobia – Fear of decaying matter. Doraphobia – Fear of fur or skins of animals.

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List Of Phobias And Their Meanings

Spermophobia – Fear of germs. Philemaphobia – Fear of kissing. Mechanophobia – Fear of machines. Scoionophobia – Fear of school.