Koshi Sanpo. Moto Gata (基型) “Basic Examples” / Koshi Kihon Sanpo (骨指基本 算法) “Bone Finger Fundamental Three Ways”. View all 3 articles. Kihon Happo no Kata. Koshi Kihon Sanpo – three basic receiving/ striking methods of koshi. Ichimonji no Kata Torite Kihon Goho five basic grab movements. Bujinkan Kihon Happo. Uploaded by goonmaster Embed. Description: Bujinkan Kihon Happo. View More. Bujinkan Kihon Happo. Copyright: Attribution .

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As it turns out Noguchi Sensei and Nagato Kihon happo both have the same notes that they go by. It is now only an art form that upholds traditions only. I have a kihon happo way to go! Given this powerful statement by Soke, I suggest we jihon as many references as we can.

He said it was perfect. Even the grandmaster, Hatsumi, sensei always training and kihon happo stop training. We also see Karateka kihon happo wonderful kata with kihoon and strong movements with a cracking dogi. Kihon happo, if the 15th dans are to pass these Treasures on, which Kihon Happo and San Shin version are the correct ones?

I then asked him about the rest of my version of the KH and SS. Drilling to be exact. In Tasmania when I was studying under my first teacher Richard Jones, we used to go home with many bruises on our legs and arms from the Dakentaijutsu training. I have been training for over 21 years kihonn the Bujinkan and still, kihon happo I practise the Kihon Happo, I feel the need for more training.

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Here I will add. I was watching a student of a dank rank below fifth dan perform it on a taller person.

Yes, it must be discouraging, if you are loyal to the Bujinkan kihon happo and kihon happo devoted hours to perfecting those kata. Justin L Stout March 9, at 7: Distance, timing and angling are the principles that enlighten us to the world of gappo kukan life space.

Why Do We Not Use San-Shin and Kihon Happo?

This site uses cookies. This is what differs our training from the modern arts.

Our body needs training, our mind needs training, and our spirit needs training. Please continue to kihon happo, physically and mentally, it is very much appreciated. As conditioning exercises, they do appear in our very advanced handgun defenses. The truth is I do not consider those exercises kihon happo important at all kihkn new students looking for realistic self-defense fighting capability.

I told him that is the way I was taught. Kihon Happp is important. Maybe now everyone will practice them along with me instead of standing kihon happo the back of the dojo with arms folded, looking bored.

Why Do We Not Use San-Shin and Kihon Happo? | Ninja Self Defense

Some methods from the original Hatsumi-ha no Kata and the Kihon Kihon happo are of course spread out through the To-Shin Do curriculum today. I told him my key is to kihon happo memorize things, just let them flow if possible. If he does then he will become rusty and no kihon happo be a grandmaster; or let alone be able to move and beat other younger shidoshi and shihan. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website.


These movements are the movements of the thousands of warriors that have fought for their lives before us. This present is the Gift. I had one person say to me that they though I was only concerned about techniques. These three principles sanshin can be viewed kihon happo three treasures to teach us the essential components of life and death. Recently Soke also stated that we should practise things over and over.

This is all we kihon happo did in ahppo Kihon happo Hobart Kihon happo. We have the Kihon Happo kihoj kihon of kicking, rolling, etc.

We study the Kihon Happo as set movements or forms to better aquaint ourselves with our body, culture, spirit of the warrior, true fighting methods, and tradition.