Title: The Daughter of Time Author: Tey, Josephine [Elizabeth MacKintosh] ( ) Date of first publication: June Edition used as. with a passing interest in the study of the fifteenth century has heard of Josephine Tey’s book ‘A Daughter of Time’, a mystery novel from The Daughter of Time. Josephine Tey. First published in This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, .

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I’m not sure the timeline and all the reasoning worked for me, but I am happy to keep an open mind and view spoiler [ believe badly of Henry the VII! Gielgud himself says he was shocked to read her obituary when it ran in The Times.

Josephine Tey: A Crime Reader’s Guide to the Classics | CrimeReads

No daghter letters, it seems. Then there’s the dialogue from nearly all of the characters about what they think or know or have read about Richard III and Fam that reads like a book report or tue encyclopedia.

He reads various historical accounts of Richard including a historical fiction novel, because it’s just as important to see how Richard is portrayed in fiction and asks the hospital staff questions about Richard exactly in the way a detective would interview a dead man’s family and acquaintances to get a better picture of the man.

And he went away, kindly and casual. Solemnly reading each childish story.

The Daughter of Time

They might never see each other again, but she had busied herself about warm clothes for their winter voyage across the Channel with a calm and dry-eyed practicality. The idea behind this book is fascinating and fun, but ultimately the history is just too questionable for me to enjoy the story as much as I’d like to.

It was only after he had given the portrait further puzzled consideration it piqued him to have mistaken one of the joxephine notorious murderers of all time for a judge; to have transferred a subject from the dock to the bench was a shocking piece of ineptitude that it occurred to Grant that the portrait had been provided as the illustration to a piece of detection.

A joseephine smacking drive at josephinw, perhaps, was the nearest. I met the Statue of Liberty in the corridor there, and she seemed to think you were alone, Mr Grant.


You get fourteen days. Williams the ever-faithful makes his staunch presence known, and is as unstereotypical as always. She looked down from her regal eminence at the great hive below her buzzing with activity, all of it urgent and important; she could hardly be expected to focus her gaze on something more than four hundred years away. Always on the verge of toppling over into the grotesque, and never doing it.

William Catesby and Richard Ratcliffe. The at-that-moment-inside joke was tossed out and left to hang in the air until Brent Carradine walked in the room, at which moment Marta’s half-comment fell shimmering around him.

So with a little help from the nurses The Daughter of Time is an unlikely detective story. So the book ended with a Palace party, and a flushed and happy young Elizabeth, very magnificent in a new white dress and her first pearls, dancing the soles out of her slippers like the princesses in the fairy-tale. A very old mystery, one with its roots in history which means it is written by historians, which means a combination of invention, speculation, and based only on whatever facts might have been expedient to use at the time.

In this, he echoed his creator, who remained single all her life. I have an idea that I never did algebra justice, at school. It rouses some vague uneasiness in them, I think, and they resent it. It was an unfinished copy of an account that appears elsewhere in finished form. Well, the sky does, often, appear blue, and grass is, under certain conditions, green. If he was born hunchbacked that probably accounts for it and not polio. However, from an academic viewing, the book falls shor From a literary standpoint?

He resolved to have a temperature in earnest if he could manage it, just to score off The Midget. It was the portrait of a man. It was that this was not how he had expected Sir Thomas to write. They found him not guilty. Marta, it seemed, was pluming herself on his mental health very much as The Midget was pluming herself on his physical improvement. In the book’s most infuriating moment, the detective starts out researching Richard by reading Thomas More’s biography of him, and then like forty pages later he smacks himself in the head and says, “Great Scott!

And I had done some research at college. As he tidied the sheets josehine to put them away in his locker his hand came in contact with one that had slipped off his chest and had lain all the afternoon unnoticed on the counterpane. She had arranged that he and George should go to Utrecht, as if she were arranging for them to go away to school. I’ve read only one non-fiction book about the Wars of the Roses, and found myself frequently getting lost in the discussions of who married who and who was enemies with who.


He was interested in faces because they were part of his trade, but history daughtfr just something that he used for other purposes; something that he set aside in favour of algebra under the desk.

Nor in after years was that allegiance—an adult allegiance of recognition and acceptance—ever less than heart-whole. Neither by nature nor by profession was he interested in mankind in the large.

The Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey

He knew all about that because he had in his youth seen Richard of Bordeaux at the New Theatre; four times he had seen it. Is that to say The Daughter of Time is a faultless book? It was an engraving of a fifteenth-century portrait. Someone used to great responsibility, and responsible in his authority. Mar 02, Manybooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: Something that has puzzled the world for ages.

It was perhaps inevitable that the josephjne of the two boys should have gone to her eldest brother; and Rivers, if a little nouveau riche in his liking for display and a little too obviously ambitious, was a cultured creature and an admirable person to have the boys in charge during their school-room days at Ludlow.

Her tragedy was that she was born a Queen with the outlook of a suburban housewife. In his research, Grant starts with children’s history books, then moves on to general popular histories and the very scholarly but dull “Tanner’s Constitutional History of England”.

Grant lay on his high white cot and stared at the ceiling. Here is the Scotland Act; it specifically says it would not be legal. The classic ingredients in a tale of classic simplicity.