The Real Astrology has 64 ratings and 6 reviews. Jeri said: Some readers get angry with Frawley because he is not handing them a step by step recipe book. John Frawley – The Real Astrology OCR – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Horary Astrology – an extracted chapter from The Real Astrology – by John Frawley This understanding runs throughout astrology; there is no astrology without.

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Continuing on, he tackles the nature of time real and clock timethe order of the cosmos, and makes an analysis of essence and matter that is in my opinion worth the price of the book. Required reading for all astrologers. Reproduction by any means is not permitted without the express agreement of Deborah Houlding or in the case of articles by guest astrologers, the copyright owner indictated.

For the philosophy junkies I include myselfthere is a wonderful essay called “The Internal King,” which again explores astrology’s relationship astroloogy the divine, soul and matter.

Christos Archos rated it really liked it Jun 19, This statement, so stressed by the traditional authorities, seems to the sceptical modern as a ‘get-out clause’; but it is an intrinsic part of the whole attitude, without which judgement is impossible. In the late s, Frawley regularly appeared on British television, including hosting his own daily program Frawley and the Fish on L! Ben rated it really liked it May 14, Excellent synthesis of the tradition of astrology.

A professional traditional astrologer, author and lecturer. Hte is passionate about his subject, which is one of the reasons his book is so hard to put down. Within modern astrological circles, indeed, the words ‘horary’ and ‘traditional’ are more or less synonymous, however much this misrepresents the vast depth of traditional astrology. The Real Astrology is John Frawley’s irreverent, intelligent and incisive skewering of much of what is wrong with modern astrology, coupled with an introduction to the tools of traditional astrology.


Apr 29, Jeri Massi rated fgawley it was amazing. Frawley shows WHY planets are stronger in some houses than in others. The relevance of even these supposedly chance moments to the issue at hand can be seen from the frequency with which the charts cast for them show verifiable events in the past which are datable from the chart.

John Frawley (astrologer)

Yet work it does, and with great accuracy, providing verifiable, concrete answers to the questions asked, whether these questions be on public issues, the major business of a person’s life, or even day-to-day trivia such as “Where is my watch? Of all the forms of traditional astrology, it is horary that falls most strangely on the modern ear. Astroglifos rated it really liked it Feb 06, If astrklogy don’t know the difference, “Real” astrology is based on Some readers get angry with Frawley because fraw,ey is not handing them a step by step recipe book on how to do a chart.

He defends “Real” that is, traditional, or Renaissance, or Christian astrology. Wit, philosophy and a thoroughly remarkable depth of scholarship.

It looks at a planet’s strength in the chart. Frawley runs his own diploma courses in traditional horary and traditional natal astrology.

Asrtologyhe launched his publishing company, Apprentice Books. John Frawley born 16 May in London, England is a traditional astrologerwriter and educator, who has been noted for practicality and directness of approach, [1] a depth of scholarship, [2] and a provocative, challenging and witty style.

John Frawley (astrologer) – Wikipedia

I have been told that John Frawley now rejects some parts of this book. Retrieved from ” https: That well-known tenet of Hermetic doctrine, so carelessly bandied by so many who flee screaming from the very thought of cosmic hierarchies, ‘As above, so below,’ implies quite clearly that there is an above and there is a below.

So the astrological chart cast for the hhe at which the astrologer understands the question is, as it were, the question’s birth-chart. He featured in Odds on SportPredictions! The assumption behind horary is that the question is an existent thing in its own right.


Go read one of them. Read it if you want another opinion on Creationism. The Real Astrology by John Frawley. A real eye-opener for astrology students. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is also an excellent writer who has a mordant wit which he uses to great effect and some of his comments are just laugh-out-loud funny.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I found the exposition on the philosophy fascinating, though I’d gripe a teeny bit on Astrology being totally connected with the revealed faiths. A birth-chart reading, for instance, may suggest that the native is likely to marry this year; it will not, however, say whether Bill or Tom is the man in question, or that it is unwise to plan the reception outdoors because it is going to rain on that day.

Where do I begin? From toFrawley edited and produced The Astrologer’s Apprentice magazine. But that does not stop me from admiring this tour de force taking in everything from Horary to Mundane Astrology, a Where do I begin?

Frawley has written several books on the subject of horary astrology and also sports astrology. To the modern mind, horary makes no sense at all, even less so than tarot or I-Ching, where the questioner does at least have contact with the cards or the coins: Frawley’s book is really a sort of apologetic in a lot of ways.

The dilute and distorted version with which we are so familiar is not the study that has fascinated so many of the finest minds in our culture with its intellectual depth and practical precision.

This is for astrologers with a more traditional bent.

Aug 28, Phenex rated it it was amazing. From horary, we come to electional astrology.