Find product information, product compatibility, and specifications for your HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer. HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual • HP Printers.

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Fax with a distinctive ring service on the same lineIf you subscribe to a distinctive ring service through your telephone company that allowsyou to have multiple phone numbers on one phone line, each with a different ring pattern,set up the device as described in this section.

Remove the white plug from the port labeled 2-EXT on the back of the device. Clean only the copper-colored contacts. Depending on the OS version you are using, do one of thefollowing: To send a color original or photo fax from the control panel1. Slide the new print cartridge forward into the empty slot.

Redials the most recently dialed number or inserts a msnual pause in a faxnumber.

To extend your phone cord1. Page Chapter 7To share the device1. Chapter 7To set up the device with DSL1.


Set up speed-dial entriesYou can set up frequently used fax numbers as speed-dial entries. Chapter 73Parallel splitter4Computer5TelephoneTo set up the device on the same phone line as a computer with one phone port1. Page 79 Select your fax setup caseNow that you have manua all the questions about the equipment and services thatshare the phone line with the device, you are ready to choose the best setup case foryour home or office.

To clean the j36680 cartridges from the control panel1.

HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer : User Guide

FCC requirementsNotice to users of the U. After the software is installed, connect the device to your computer. To set or change the fax header1. Tap a stack of paper on a flat surface to align the edges, and then check the paperfor the following: Make sure you close the automatic document feeder cover beforeloading any paper or originals.

Gently pull open the print cartridge cover. Warranty withdrawn refurbished product: For voltage requirements, see Electrical specifications. To send a fax to multiple recipients using group speed dial1.

HP Officejet J3680 All-in-One Printer Product Information

Page 47 5ScanYou can scan originals and send them to a variety of destinations, such as a folder onthe network or a program on a computer. Odd numberedpages, and then press Print. Toincrease the print speed, select different print settings in the device driver.


Page 30 Chapter Starts a color copy, scan, or fax job HP Officejet J only. Remove the doorby pulling it away from the HP All-in-One.

Page 43 To set the paper type for copies from the control panel1. Solve paper-feed problemsFor information on resolving jams, see Clear paper jams. After connecting and turning on the device, you might have to wait several minutesfor all of the Plug and Play events to j380.

For more detailed information, check the report to see which part of the test failed,and then review the appropriate topic in this section for solutions to try. Page 61 The following Backup Fax Reception modes are available: Press 6, then press 1.

HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual | pages

Page 36 Chapter 2A group member must be a member of the speed-dial list before you can add the memberto a speed-dial group. Rear access panel is locked into place. CDevice specificationsFor media and media-handling specifications, officjet Understand specifications for supported media.