Circle of Meanings The strength of a great idea; strong, robust, vigorous and mature, a warrior with the power to kill and offer sacrifice; orient your will towards a. 34 — Great Power — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-FOUR GREAT POWER. Other titles: The Power of the Great, The Symbol of Great Vigor, Persons of. Hexagrama 34 i ching pdf. The yijing or i ching, when using the wadegiles romanization system is a book from the chinese bronze age about bc and as many.

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It cannot go backward, it cannot go forward. Activity will follow a long quiet period, bringing good fortune for the individual. Persistence brings good fortune.

Let your strength be tempered by wisdom. There will be no occasion for repentance. You may need to tone it down a notch.

A ram butts a fence, and weakens its horns. This turns your active connection with the world into inner perseverance. The man removes all obstacles through quiet perseverance. The persistence of pushing forward and attracting others to your cause leads to success. Set off on your quest The schools were extremely demanding, and were open only to those willing to devote themselves totally. Invigorate your great idea and push on. If you use your power wisely and generously, it will draw more love to heagrama.

Truly Great Poweras the Judgment tells us, is derived from our will to restrain our emotions, instincts and appetites.

34 Great Invigorating DA ZHUANG | I Ching: Mothering Change

Changing Line Interpretations Line 1 jexagrama line Possessing great vigor does not assure success all by itself.

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Hexagrsma is the way to lead your life without being impaired or restricted. Success happens naturally by virtue of applying your constant Te, or character. You have great power to rise above any relationship challenges. We see the fence opened without the horns being entangled.

When a leader comes into a position of power, his or her personal strength usually may have already peaked. The debacle will not last. Seeking advancement through force, however, will bring misfortune. The transformative process of hexaggama Pair This hexagram symbolizes thunder in the sky.

The central position and the due moral mean in line two are illustrative of the maxim: This points to a time when a strong force comes into its own and asserts its power.

A strong creative force is stirring things up. She loses her ram and hardly perceives it — she is not in her proper place. The energy is there but if you act prematurely you will be gexagrama in the abyss. The Superior Man never takes a step involving impropriety.

When you are truly centered in the Work, aggressive action should be unnecessary. When exerting force, we find resistance but power shows a willingness to adapt with being centered and firm. Hexagfama to 11 Peace.

34 Great Invigorating DA ZHUANG

This is a time when you will gain the assistance of allies in the rekindling of love. One’s conforming exhausted indeed. Do not try to tell other hexagraka what to do or set out on an expedition. In this case the strength to control your aggression.

It is 344 benefit to continue. Use of excessive force generates strong opposition, leading to deadlocks that make it impossible to advance or retreat. Breakthrough Zong Gua underlying cause 20 Contemplation: This the superior man does not do. Voice of the Mothers Focus on your strength through a central creative idea goal and push forward. I ching hexagrams 1 through 64 richard wilhelm i ching hexagram translations s i ching reading system provides a summarized version of the richard hexagrmaa translation of the i ching hexagrams and their moving hexagrxma.


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The superior man renounces empty display of force and retains the secure middle position. Line six, at the top of the trigram of Movement in the hexagram of Great Powermay be expected to be dynamic in the exertion of strength.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #34 –

Rouse new growth by learning from past mistakes. Focus your strength through a central creative idea and push forward vigorously.

The determination of a strong force brings success. You have the power to achieve things with a minimum of cooperation, but make your intentions known to those who will be of help in the future.