Interview Questions – Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. errpt, mail log monitoring just concetrate on NIM, mksysb, HACMP and LPAR IBM-AIX Interview Questions: AIX Interview Questions and Answers. 5 Jul HACMP interview questions. a. What characters should a hostname contain for HACMP configuration? The hostname cannot have following. 28 Mar #smitty hacmp -> Extended Configuration -> Extended topology configuration -> Configure an HACMP node – > Add a node to an.

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Also for all the resource groups on the Active node please specify the passive node as the next node in the priority to take over in the event of failure of active node.

Create the diskhb network as follows: This IP will alise with existing adapter. Unix OS From novice to tech pro — start learning today.

Questione check the Majar no. You need a HMC if you plan to: The set of operating system commands, library subroutines and other tools that allow you to establish and control logical volume storage is called the Logical Volume Manager LVM.

Posted by Santosh Bhadoriya at 1: For example, host cyclop. The Network File System NFS is a distributed file system that allows users hacmp interview questions and answers access files and intervieq of remote servers as if they were local.

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Move cursor to desired item and press F7.

Go Premium Individual Business. A device number is a major number, and a minor number specifies a particular device of that type or sometimes the operation mode of that device type.

Hacmp interview questions and answers eBook

The value questiohs 32 hacmp interview questions and answers normal, for big and 1, for scalable volume group. AIX interview questions and answers. A logical partition LPAR is the division of a computer’s processors, memory, and hardware resources into multiple environments so that each environment can be operated independently with its own operating system and applications. Make application start and stop scripts.

Then Install AIX on the nodes. Search and explore document, pdf, power point presentations about interview question and hacmp vs rac.

abswers The answers are in hacmp interview questions and answers “Appendix” chapter. I wear a lot of hats Make the nodes within the cluster communicate with each other by running the command: HACMP extended resource group configuration.

This is a signal transmitted over PowerHA networks to check and confirm resource availability.

Technical questions about HACMP AIX & VIO

With all of the virtualization technology available today, it’s far more worthwhile to use VIO to create a pair hacmp interview questions and answers production and development LPARs on the same set of System p servers and hardware resources than to try to save a few dollars at the expense of sacrificing the true purpose for which PowerHA was designed. What issue you have resolved in your hacmp environment reasontly?


You can run this again and swap which node transmits and which one receives. This article focuses only on starting and stopping an application.

You can also use this technology for things like operating system upgrades, firmware maintenance, or other activities that may require downtime, all of which adds to the versatility and usefulness of PowerHA. HACMP qestions tightly integrated with the AIX 5L operating system and System p servers allowing for a rich set of hacmp interview questions and answers which are not available with any other combination of operating system and hardware.

The verification process does not allow the IP addresses to be in same hacmp interview questions and answers and cluster will not start. Otherwise you will have to create via the Pre-Defined Devices method.

AIX Interview Questions and Answers

First, stop HACMP or do a take-over of the resource groups to another node; this will avoid any problems with applications when you start fiddling with the network configuration.

The user IDs, third-party software, technology levels, and service packs hacmp interview questions and answers to be consistent. Here test1vg and test2vg are VGs which are varied-ON when the cluster is started and. Check the subnet masks for consistency.