Garmin XT old firmware on wrist: So for both cyclists and triathletes, the quick release kit offers an easy way to mount it on your bike. It appears to be glass from what I can tell. I have a question, you mention it lasts a little while in the water. Thanks for this review.

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Note that garmin forerunner 310xt do have to simply scroll into those data fields from the default one. Want to avoid buying another heart strap if there is a way to keep the one I have. It forerunne be interesting to do another swim switching the position of the and the in your swim cap to see if the is still better at tracking the forefunner. You can use Sporttrack to export data which can be imported into Garmin forerunner 310xt earth.

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Can you post some screen shot of the location map or waypoint map from the watch. A bit of confusion on the upgrade.

This race will consist of tunnels and building downtown Chicago and thus the GPS will most definitely be off. Garmin forerunner 310xt me, it shows they are clearly looking at how to improve the Forerunner XT for existing customers, and increase its appeal for potential customers.

The New Garmin Forerunner XT Openwater Swim Mode…In Depth. | DC Rainmaker

And meanwhile, Polar has some really cool new watches coming out early next year that should help bring them back into being competitive again.

Great info of garmin forerunner 310xt value to triathletes…it helped me make a decision re buying a Garmin xt. The ride was a little technical garmin forerunner 310xt awesome.

However, what they and I both strongly garmin forerunner 310xt is that you use the quick release kit. That would solve all problems. Can anyone tell me what garmin forerunner 310xt difference is between the Australian xt and the version for the rest of the world? I would go with just regular mode. Again, the good news here is that if you have an older Garmin fitness device — the old HR straps work just fine.

You can decline firmware updates however. Garmin is definitely not paying me and if they are, then I need to find out where that check is going! Excellent job and detail.

Also, if you see spikes on garmin forerunner 310xt bike due to the wind, try turning the strap a bit such that the sensors are more on your side or back. I am bummed about your review of the wrist strap with the quick release kit.

Garmln your Garmin Forerunner only last a couple of hours or less?.

Have read your site before, but garmin forerunner 310xt is the first time Foerrunner really needed the review. I know you like the xt, but for someone in my situation, is the cx a good choice? Yes, I still think this is the device to get. No apologies should be made for having it too lengthy.

Forerunner® 310XT

Test 1 garmin forerunner 310xt One Mile Swim: How would the XT actually stand up to a month of pounding through multi-workout days? When I downloaded the data later that day in Garmin Connect, lo and behold, there is garmib rate data — for the whole race! You have foreruunner options. In the above photo taken while climbing, I have the data fields set to show power watts in the lower left corner, with grade in garmin forerunner 310xt upper right.

Garmin 310XT

Thank you again for all garmin forerunner 310xt comprehensive reviews of Garmin products. This is the correct one:. Hi Thank you, Great review. My girlfriend has some Polar ones, but they are a bit older.

I read all your awesome reviews last Christmas before buying so I thought I would post this comment. Hmm, very odd — try swapping out the batteries, it may just be a garmin forerunner 310xt.