Read about Fructul Interzis by Laura Andresan and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Listen online to Laura Andresan – Fructul Interzis and find out more about its history, critical reception, and meaning.

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I already pressed the items. Thank you so much. I hope y’all get my point.

Fructul oprit

Hyungwon reached in his pockets and took out money. A person who has human blood in his veins and a vampire’s regeneration. A chuckle left his mouth as soon as he caught sight of the store just across the road. The moment he was about to cross the road, someone bumped into him.


Though he said he wouldn’t care, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened inside. The four of them frowned. But even when he was still yet to do it, Kihyun would know his own future and avoid Hyungwon’s undying passion in murdering him in his imagination. I couldn’t agree moreeee if you want to continue this storryyyyy: Be careful and avoid any sign of blood, okay?

Fructul interzis humans tried to fight back but were to weak to do so. Please don’t burn it You either pay for these or leave emptyhanded. Even his eyes changed. He looked below fructuo him.


Ik he must be Wonho. Vampire-turned humans or “newborns” were the strongest and most unstoppable vampires. Thanks to fructul interzis fast reflexes, Hyungwon was able to catch it before it even landed on his face.

But the cheeky smile on his face faded away when the supposed dead man flinched, sitting up straight just to look at him. But the weakness he was feeling faded so soon. They had little to no knowledge of the darkness lurking at the summit.

Fructul oprit (TV Series – ) – IMDb

It doesn’t complete who we are, it destroys us. Not more than an hour, they will be turned fructul interzis ijterzis of them and that worried Hyungwon. So so very jealousand full of admiration. I still hope that intezris love it. Out of the three houses they had the current year, this was his favorite.

He stared at the bloody mess on the male’s white shirt before he found himself smiling so bad. When he felt that he’d had enough and that the male may have ran out of blood in his system, he pulled his fangs out of the male’s neck.

Some humans tried to fight back but were to weak to do fructl. If that went on, not only will the human population will be reduced but it will cause the vampires a spotlight to the human world. But his meal was interrupted when sirens yards away echoed around the street. He could only gulp blood once and no more. It’s because they’re forbidden to be known. The once cold and spotless castle then turned into a “bloodbath”.

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They didn’t share the same thirst for blood like the others. Featured post MW Weekly Theme 1: Hyungwon was staring at two completely bright red eyes. The four of them frowned. The house was placed in the middle of the forest and had a modern contemporary vibe in it though Hyunwoo kept insisting it was like Tony Stark’s luxury house in Iron Man movies. Soon, he was already inside the store. And the cycle repeats. Somehow humans were like vampires but they feed off on sleep and interziw was what Hyungwon thought.

It was a male who seemed to be rushing inside the store. I added the details lmfao. He only stared at the people, all begging to be saved. No ordinary person would run away carrying a bag from a unterzis unless it was a thief.

Fruxtul to his fast reflexes, Hyungwon was able to catch it before it even landed on his face.