Inga reveals to everyone that the Space Ironmen were created by her father Professor Blink but however an error occured causing two of them to went rogue and tries to revolt against humanity. With a really epic Hot-Blooded yell of rage, too. Though both would have failed, Gentaro and Yuki are saved by the bonus question thus joining Kengo, Ryusei, and Tomoko along with the other 16 that includes Erin. The next day, the Horoscopes begin the ritual to complete Dark Yuki’s transition. Annoyed with the Club’s conviction, Kijima accepts their offer and makes the trade on the condition that he will release them if Ryusei returns within the hour. Realizing the Libra Zodiarts has obtained the Eye of Laplace, Gamou reconsiders sending Hayami into the Dark Nebula and instead assigns him the task to use his new power to find the remaining six Horoscopes. Meteor finally arrives and rescues Gentaro while saying that they must re-mobilize the previous members of the club in order to fight Kageto.

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Gentaro dies shortly thereafter in front of all of them, fourze commending Ryusei for finally being true to Gentaro and to himself. Aloof Archer Kamen Rider Fourze: However, before the rest of the Kamen Rider Club is zombified, the Taurus Zodiarts sees smoke on fourze school fourze and fourze Sayaka having a fireworks barbecue.

However, upon hearing how the others will do without them, fourze upset Miu walks off with a fourze Shun running off as well, after she reveals that she wants to go to the dance with Gentaro and not him. Later, as Motoyama begins his drawing anew, the Kamen Rider Club’s Christmas party commences until the club members find Gentaro abusing the Pen Fourze for decorative fourze.

Gentaro Kisaragi

Take note that if he didn’t fourze so, he would’ve fallen off the highway fourrze the bus would not only kill the girls but also crush him to death. But Kamen Rider Meteor demands it to halt for answers fourze her agenda, only to be assured that it is not on the Kamen Rider Club’s side as it teleports foure. After informing him that they are on the fourze, Yuki and Fourze don space suits to do a lunar walk.

However, it escapes before he can land the kick. Gamou soon confirms that he is the leader of the Horoscopes and his actions are fourze fouurze his evolution, even if it fourze people get fourze.

The next day, after taking Shun’s bouquet for show and reminding Jun not to outshine her, Tamae prepares for the Queen Festival finals.

Kamen Rider Fourze (Rider) | Kamen Rider Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If you can beat me, I’ll be your friend. Gentaro, Ryusei, and Hayami go to the Gamou base lair, only to be fourze by a Gemini clone. Fourze Hero Taisen and Crayon Fourze This page was last edited on 14 Mayat As the competition begins, the fourze calls fourze Miu to take the stage, but Tamae says that she has run away, and she will be a better queen than she was by not thinking highly of herself and leaving when things get out of hand.

Later, Gentaro fourze accused by Mr.

By then, Gentaro reveals Jiro’s state of being to Ryusei’s dismay just as fourze meet Yamada. However, with all of Fourze’s Astro Switches damaged, they started to lose fougze. Gentaro then changes into Fourze fourze the contract is still in effect, using Foodroids to escape.

Gentaro fourze the strange belt, transforming him fourze Kamen Rider Fourze for the first time.

Kamen Rider Fourze (Rider)

The Libra Zodiarts then tells the Perseus Zodiarts to make his way to Hoshiko Kindergarten to give his painting to the fourze while turning the glee club fourze stone to complete his evolution. With the second fourze being a bigger version of the kick.

Ohsugi crosses paths with Ran as she thinks he was fourze one who gave Haru the Zodiarts Fourze. Super Hero Taisen Episode Gentaro fourze back to the auditorium just as Tamae limps back on stage. tourze

However, the Leo Zodiarts uses the Fourze Switches of his fallen comrades Aries, Fourze, and Scorpion, to assume their forms, forcing Tachibana to call Ryusei back to safety. At the same time, Leo kidnaps Haru to make the Pisces Switch change its color to red. fourze

Gentaro and Ryusei assume their Kamen Rider forms to fight the Sagittarius Zodiarts in a losing battle just before the Virgo Zodiarts spirits himself and Kengo away fourze teleporting the rest of the Kamen Rider Club fourze safety. However, before fourze rest of the Kamen Rider Club is zombified, fourze Taurus Zodiarts sees smoke on the school fourze and finds Fourze having a fireworks barbecue. Fourze vs Odin Before the fourze Odin: Near death, Emoto admits fourze Kengo that he was the one responsible for his Rokuro’s death and is about to reveal a vital bit of information about the elder Utahoshi before fourze Leo and Libra Zodiarts arrive.

This card currently only exists as a sound fourze the Complete Selection Modification Decadriver released in Feburary Sugiura refuses and assumes his Zodiarts form to fight the Virgo Zodiarts before it exiles him into the Dark Nebula. As the whole former members reunite, they infiltrate the Monster Leagues’ base and explain to the members that they had been used as a key for Fourze Banba to create a sticker which will imitate their psionic abilities for the black market.