The purpose of the software is to register devices inside the Local Area Network and to provide better management for network settings. Be sure the IP address does not conflict with any other devices on the network. If your network environment supports DHCP, you can use the printer on the network just by enabling this setting. Select the device you want to configure from the list and then click Launch Browser. If you are using the dial-up environment and not using NetWare, select Disable on the NetWare screen. Make sure that the printer is turned on. On the Select Settings screen, select Printer and computer settings , and then click Next.

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This device name is used for Windows epsonnet supports the Universal Plug and Play function.

See your operating system’s epsonnet help for detailed instructions. This step is skipped if there are no security protocols set for the wireless network. EpsonNet Config takes only a few epsonnet to deploy, following which you can get acquainted with its interface, which adopts a simple, yet intuitive approach. Epsonnet the on-screen instructions to reset the device. Make sure eosonnet the printer is turned on. To change to a Wireless router compatible with WPS: Click Submit and then enter the password to update the settings.


Installing EpsonNet Config

You must create these objects epsonnet using Web-based EpsonNet Config. To change to Wired LAN: If you want to make network settings, remove the memory card from the printer before beginning setup. epsonnet

epsonnet Select a method for acquiring epsonnft IP address. Turn epsonnet the printer and make sure that your LAN is working normally. Only changes on the page where you press the Submit button take effect.

EpsonNet 10/100Base Tx Int. Print Server 5e

Select the connection method that you want to change. To change to another router or Ad Hoc connection: The epsonnet administrator must check any changes made epsonnet the IP address settings.

Mac OS X only: Before epsonnet the printer connection method, check that the network epsonnet are changing to is operating correctly.

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EpsonNet Config Download

The current setting appears. The purpose of the software is to register devices inside the Local Area Network epsonnet to provide better management for network settings.

Click Continue in the User Account Control dialog box. Do not exit the Web browser and do not send a job to epsonnet device until epsonnet message appears. Network devices epsonnet automatically identified, epsinnet with details such as MAC and IP address and possibilities to register it on the epsonnet.

Prior to this operation, however, it is advisable to configure its properties and this epsonnet can be performed in a separate window. To assign an IP address manually, epsonnet the IP address, the epsonnet mask, and the default gateway. To use the DHCP server, make sure it is installed on your computer and correctly configured.

See Password for more epsonnet on epsonnet the epsonnet. If there is a server or a epsonnet functioning as a gateway, enter the IP address of the server or the router for the gateway address. May 5th, Freeware. If the message “Configuration change is complete! Select Enable or Disable for Use Rendezvous. Also, epsonnet changing the wireless LAN connection, make a note of the broadband router access point and computer settings because you need the SSID and security settings during setup.

Launch EpsonNet Setup from the Start menu.