Mini-HowTo Double Horse Troubleshooting R/C Blogs. Supply double horse rc helcopter and all parts of double horse helcopter. Find the best Double Horse Medium 4 Channel RC Helicopter Ghz w/ Gyro – Orange and spare parts here.

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It is also a very powerful, fast and nimble little heli. If it stops, the tail motor is dying. Pages with related products. Beginner Training Hores Heli-Electric. The ease of handling and stability, however, mean that in the right double horse 9116 this bird can pull off some pretty realistic moves, such as banked turns and truly elegant precision landings. Main double horse 9116 length is 15 inches.

The simplest way I’ve found to keep the servo up from sliding up the connecting rod is not really a mod double horse 9116 just a simple swap so that the connecting rod is now on the outside of the servo double horse 9116 in relation to the mainframe. Increased flight times will be the result and it fits perfectly in the existing battery cradle.

Double Horse Troubleshooting – RC Groups

It flew very slightly to the rear and to the left. Follow us on Twitter.

More challenging but a lot more fund when you’ve mastered it. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. What batteries I should buy for upgrade?

DON’T add a heavier battery expecting longer flight time with higher capacity. A 4ch single rotor is getting the user closer to collective pitch flying will still providing a greater degree of safety via being able to hover for brief periods and with some input from the flyer. Amazon Drive Cloud storage double horse 9116 Amazon. How to break double horse 9116 new motor in?

So double horse 9116, I don’t think anyone offers a kit that includes both. The helicopter only becomes sluggish, overheats its motors, and in most cases flight time shortens noticeably, double horse 9116 added capacity horss be countered by the added weight. Video is unrelated to the product. One very strong suggestion – always buy this from Amazon where Amazon is actually doing the fulfillment.


Still not great but able to be confidently flown in 5mph breezes. Head Cover 67P Regular Price: You’ll find the instruction to do it in the tech-manual. It horae quite often especially with a new main motor, the problem is reduced or goes away over time as the motor got run in.

They can take a crash and keep on tickin.

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Don Images View all Images in thread Views: Then hold the tx in your left hand assuming it’s in mode 2 and hold the throttle down with your thumb, switch on the oduble, then before it starts beeping, switch on the heli and quickly place it on a level surface, it should be bound when you hear the servo’s double horse 9116 into life and align themselves with the settings in the tx programming.

Despite the box and ad information claiming about 30 to 40 minutes charging time, it may take up to two hours to fully recharge Mine did -which seemed like an eternity. Undercarriage 67P Double horse 9116 Price: Especially the higher you go.

Time to order a new one. If all is working correctly, you are ready for your maiden flight.

In reality you’ll get m. Crank up the fun with the hottest toys – play outside, splash around, and keep learning Shop now.

Motor Set 67P Regular Price: The specified range on the model is something you do have to pay attention to, and a number of customers have experienced scares when their heli cut out at height, leading to some nasty tree collisions.

Mode 1 horze would double horse 9116 be the opposite. The helicopter should be unplugged from it’s battery red plug on the side when charging or anytime the helicopter is borse in use.

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This detailed Double Horse is beautifully designed and made in high strength metal, so it can survive double horse 9116 bumps and races than all other competitors.

Double Horse 9116

Servo Move Mod To fix the left servo horn touching the canopy, when the servo is at full throw double horse 9116, to fix the slide of servo horn up the pushrod and also to fix the excessive outward flexing of the servo arm. Just about every movement a real helicopter can make, the DH can imitate.

I took a small piece of packaging foam and fixed it with shrink tube. Your tail isn’t even able to hold at diuble Link us on Instagram.

Best of Luck double horse 9116 Happy Flying!!

I did this and got some great high flying aerial video. Typically the throttle disengage failsafe kicks in and the double horse 9116 turns off until the remote transmits and syncs again a second later. Oct 20, When binding, make sure the hrose trim is set to neutral or it’s lowest point and the throttle stick is at it’s lowest point.

If you run these already overstressed motors under full power and load before the brushes were fully seated, the brushes got way too hot, and burn out the lubrication embedded within them. Thank you for your double horse 9116. It will, however, fly nicely in 5 mph or less winds with little effort. Please try your search again later.