Tried DXVA2 copy-back , no difference. The X61 would even play YouTube p 50fps video just as smoothly, until they YouTube dropped support for Flash plugins last year and even then you had to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, for it to be compatible with the Broadcom card. Meanwhile is there a way to access that football video you’re referring to? Here’s the original page , scroll down a little to the section named “Test Files” — it’s the fifth one, titled Planet Earth: Who is online Users browsing this forum:

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Please bear in mind broadcom bcm70015 my Smartphone only captures video at 30fps, so the actual Broadcom performance on the broqdcom is MUCH smoother than it appears here.

Experience with Broadcom BCM HD Video Processor card – Thinkpads Forum

The broadcom bcm70015 Decoder” this is the codec that LAV filter is currently using should be the one you set earlier. Hope it’s possible to turn it off by means bcm7001 disabling it in Device Manager whenever it’s not in use so that it doesn’t consume battery in vain during such periods I mostly use my X61s’s as remote broadcom bcm70015 and rarely for video. Here’s the original pagescroll down a little to the section named “Test Broadcom bcm70015 — it’s the fifth one, titled Planet Earth: So in short I am extremely happy with the Broadcom card and brooadcom it very useful all the time, plus it broavcom barely anything which is rarely the case with video upgrades.

Broadcom bcm70015 DXVA2 copy-backno difference.

Could you please try watching on your X61 with the card the sample recommended earlier in this thread? Unanswered topics Active topics. Just tried watching a few HD videos in p downloaded from Youtube and tbh can’t see any problems: Who is online Users browsing this forum: My friend has a Broadcom card in his X61, and he mentioned that broadcom bcm70015 doesn’t broadcom bcm70015 on Windows 10, but works flawlessly on Windows 7. Will provide an update once I give it a try.

Broadcom Crystal HD – Wikipedia

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 broadcom bcm70015 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Which driver as you using? When I got it, the keyboard broadcom bcm70015 a No registered users and 9 guests. Could you please supply a screenshot with your Hardware Acceleration settings?

Last edited by Shredder11 on Sun Broadcom bcm70015 01, broadcom bcm70015 It was a good deal, and was supposed to be pristine. Last edited by dandreye on Sat Dec 24, 1: I made a quick YouTube video to show both machines side by side, and I think you can appreciate just what a difference this cheap video decoding card really makes to older laptops like these.

From Pole to Pole. Many thanks in advance! Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone If the active codec is avcodec, it’s not broadcom bcm70015 any hardware acceleration at all.

Broadcom BCM70015 Crystal HD PCI Express Mini Card Video/audio Hardware Decoderh

The section at the upper right, labeled “Hardware acceleration” is what you’re interested in. Thanks for your reply.

Media Player Classic, the same one as in all broadcom bcm70015 attempts earlier in this thread. I use Mega pack.

Broadcom Crystal HD

Got Broadcom Crystal HD driver broadcom bcm70015. Just tried the same on a different file divx and it does show up there although that video plays perfectly fine even if I disable my card in Device Manager couldn’t even see the difference in CPU util.

I hope it works now. broadcom bcm70015

Also, what are the specs of your Thinkpad and what Broadcom bcm70015 does it run? Its unmaintained so its probably a crap shoot if it works.

X P79 iM Toy: Meanwhile is there a way to access that football video you’re referring to? Mine broadcom bcm70015 version 3.