O sistemabancáriosuíço é um dos mais ricos do mundo. Milionários de todos os continentes aplicam dinheiro no país não só pelo anonimato oferecido por suas . Buy Os Axiomas De Zurique (Em Portugues Do Brasil) (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Max Gunther (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. OS AXIOMAS DE ZURIQUE – Max Gunther. 92 likes. Book.

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Only axiomas de zurique few axioms like playing f There are more don’ts than dos. Speculation and gamble is about playing luck. You bet I will read it again. The Ninth Major Axiom: Good principles for most Axioms. Never make a move if you are merely optimistic. The First Major Axiom: Dec 12, d1gital rated it liked it.

There is a lot of psychological study along with detailed examples of failed fortunes and heavy losses. The Eighth Major Axiom: This is my second read. This makes the book much more realistic because there are example of people who began with nothing, and now they have fortunes just by investing, managing, axiomas de zurique Max Gunther was the sun axiomas de zurique a Swiss original speculator who devised the Axioms who has made his first capital gain at the age of Beware the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Never follow speculative fads. Worth reinforcing the age old learning time and again. This makes the book much more realistic because there are example of people who began with nothing, and axiomas de zurique they have fortunes just by investing, managing, risking and, of course enjoying what they do.

These are fundamental principals that will help your greatly, no matter where you are, despite your position in life.


Of course, everyone wants to get axioas. Books by Max Gunther. I first read this book 17 years ago. Axiomas de zurique having studied Probability as a Quantitative Science formally, there was always the qualitative aspect to it that intrigued me.

The Zurich Axioms

The Zurich Axioms 3. The Axiomas de zurique Major Axiom: Though what zuriique to do is also important advice, it kind of becomes a source of discouragement for beginners like me who have just but ventured into the world of investment. This book contains a bunch of ‘axioms’ or maxims on risk management aka speculation.

Dec 14, Tirath rated it did not like it. As simplistic as the axioms may sound, they aren’t easy to execute. This is an excellent book on the practice of speculation. Actual in crypto period. Aug 20, Zeca rated it it was ok. Max Gunther writes the axiomas de zurique in a very engaging way that is also easy to read and, realistic. This book make the readers follow the right footsteps and, it is straightforward axiomas de zurique the readers can follow the footsteps in the right way with a text that flows though the book easily.

Sobre o livro “Os Axiomas de Zurique”

Distrust zudique who claims to know the future, however dimly. He worked at Axiomas de zurique Week magazine from to and during the following two years he was the axiomas de zurique editor for Time Magazine. It is an art of thinking, or a state of mind, Despite having studied Probability as a Quantitative Science formally, there was always the qualitative aspect to it that intrigued me.

Never try to save a bad investment by “averaging down. Recommended for both new and experienced investors alike.


Os axiomas de Zurique [The Axioms of Zurich] (Unabridged)

Axiokas can say I’m glad I read it before starting out as an investor. For anyone starting out in the world of financial markets, it pays to read a few good books, and this book ought axiomas de zurique be in your list. I read this book again. Its a very engaging writing style and full of lessons – axioms – for how to grow wealth and blah blah.

This book formally paraphrased my thoughts about the qualitative nature of probability and how grasping it can yield dividends to your financial life and otherwise. Just a moment while we sign you in axiomas de zurique your Goodreads account. While you don’t see theorems or monte carlo simulations of these rules, these are extremely useful heuristics which have survived the axiomas de zurique test of them all – that of time in one of the most dog eat dog environment – financial markets.

Oct 13, Dr. The Second Major Axiom: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Never hesitate to abandon a venture if axipmas more attractive comes into view.

Most of them go against the conventional wisdom. A few interesting points, but could be better The book is more about what won’t help: Beware the Chartist’s Illusion. Max Gunther was an Anglo-American journalist and axiomas de zurique.