API RP 9B: Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service. Recommended Practice on. Application, Care, and Use of. Wire Rope for Oilfield Service. Upstream Segment. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 9B –`,`,`,,,,,,,“`,`. that is QPL qualified, API certified, and .. by American Petroleum Institute (API) RP54 guide- lines. API RP 9B: Recommended Practice on Application.

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Air storage tanks equipped with relief valve Can’t find the right checklist? Pre-tour safety meetings conducted.

Tag: drilling line

All air purged from hydraulic raising cylinder. Certification Card s available RP49 5. Water in excavation Welding work performed safely RP54 7.

OSHA Log available on location. Mud standpipe secured Hydraulic lines protected RP53 Full body harness with lanyard available Weight indicator installed RP54 9.

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Tong safety handle pins secured. Hand tools stored properly. Booms and boom lines in good condition. Crown block assembly secured RP54 9.


Scoping ram stabilizers in good condition RP54 api rp 9b. Material Handling Equipment fork lift operators trained and Certified. Toolpusher at rig location. Safety meetings properly documented. Elevated loading door opening protected Pipe rack and catwalk at same height. Draw works properly guarded RP54 9. Proper drainage provided RP54 6.

V-door slide in good api rp 9b 9. Spark and heat arrester, or water, on all engine exhausts RP54 9.


Drill floor in good condition. Drill floor in good condition 2. Non skid material used around rotary RP54 9. Accumulator bottles labeled with contents H2S monitoring devices in use, if 9n Condition of tong jerk line s RP54 9. Adequate walkways and guardrails Booms and boom lines in good condition Send us api rp 9b form. Cylinders stored in assigned places and secured in place RP54 Injuries reported and documented apk.

Excavations, rl trenches, deeper than 4 ft or api rp 9b hazardous gases tested prior to entry RP54 6. Fuel tanks properly labeled on all sides RP54 8. Welding and flame cutting not permitted near explosives, flammables, accumulation of oil, escaping gas or near sources of ignition RP54 Distance from overhead powerlines GT 10 ft.


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Appropriate protective attire worn for welding and cutting ops. Accumulator unit properly located RP54 7.

Ends of pipe racks properly chocked Safety glasses used by crew. Employees protected from cave-ins while in excavations A hoisting system is composed of the api rp 9b works, traveling fp, crown block, extra line storage spool, various clamps, hooks, and wire rope.

No Parking within ft of the rig. Adequate api rp 9b of fire extinguishers available Equipment properly classified for the location Pipe rack and catwalk at same height 7.