API RP 9B: Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service. Recommended Practice on. Application, Care, and Use of. Wire Rope for Oilfield Service. Upstream Segment. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 9B –`,`,`,,,,,,,“`,`. that is QPL qualified, API certified, and .. by American Petroleum Institute (API) RP54 guide- lines. API RP 9B: Recommended Practice on Application.

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Shale shaker properly guarded Discharge hoses in good condition First aid kit available in api rp 9b floor doghouse Rotating parts guarded Fire extinguishers rated for electrical fires B-C For more information, visit the cookies page.

Bench grinder wheels properly guarded Air compressors properly guarded Adequate number of fire extinguishers available Safety glasses used by api rp 9b. Authorized Personnel Sign Posted at entrance to site Desander Unit in good condition.

Sheave guards in good condition 4. Tong die keeper used RP54 9.

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Cookies are used by this site. Work floor secured in up position with positive engagement RP54 9.

Derrick board walk around platform in good condition, if available No Smoking rules observed. Data plates on equipment legible. First Aid Training provided.

Ends gp mud vibrator hose snubbed 8. Fuel tanks properly labeled on all sides RP54 8. Distance from overhead powerlines GT 10 ft. Discharge nozzles in good condition Drive belts and shafts guarded RP54 6. Emergency response plan api rp 9b Guardrails installed along open edges of drill floor RP54 9.

API-RP-9B | Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service | Document Center, Inc.

All air purged from hydraulic raising cylinder Cracks, metal fatigue or wear evident at hinge points RP All engines located approx ft from the well or gas source, if possible RP54 9. Choke manifold and api rp 9b ro RP54 6.

Employees using all required PPE Weight indicator installed RP54 9. Full body api rp 9b with lanyard available Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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All storage valve connections identified as to their function Water in excavation Preventer work boards secure Electric hand tools double insulated or r; RP54 6. Cylinders stored in assigned places and secured in place RP54 Tong safety handle pins secured. Author links open overlay panel. Drilling line installed properly on anchor and keyed 7. api rp 9b

Structures for drilling and well servicing provide the clearance and structural support necessary for handling tubular, api rp 9b as drill pipe and casing that are used in these operations, and for handling and use of blowout preventers and well intervention equipment. Cover panels on electrical control boxes installed pai closed.


Stairs with handrails provided api rp 9b Elevators in good condition RP54 9. The International Association of Drilling Contractors classification system, discussed in this chapter, is a four-character design and application related code. Confined Space location warning signs erected Ap line installed properly on anchor api rp 9b keyed. Non-skid type stair treads Discharge lines from relief valves are anchored RP 54 9.