API RP 9B: Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service. Recommended Practice on. Application, Care, and Use of. Wire Rope for Oilfield Service. Upstream Segment. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 9B –`,`,`,,,,,,,“`,`. that is QPL qualified, API certified, and .. by American Petroleum Institute (API) RP54 guide- lines. API RP 9B: Recommended Practice on Application.

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Ignition source contained 6. Tong stiff arm available and operational RP54 9.

Condition of derrick ladder RP54 9. Chemical hazard warning signs erected All electrical tools grounded Tong safety handle pins secured 8.

Preventer work boards secure Fork Lift inspected prior to use per shift and daily BOP properly installed RP Accidents, if any, are api rp 9b during safety meetings.


Warning signs erected All air purged from hydraulic raising cylinder Emergency response plan Pipe rack and ro at same height 7. Backup alarm operational B Kelly cock wrench and safety valve accessible Pipe racks are level and stable 5. Certification Api rp 9b s available.

Wire Rope and Sheave Gauges – +10% API RP 9B – Stainless Steel – Wire and Sheave Gauges

Adequate personal protective equipment available: Tong snubbing line clamps in good condition and installed properly. All engines located approx 50 ft from the well or gas source, if possible 9bb 9.

Plugs of electrical extension cords in good condition RP54 9. Draw works brake linkage Masts are structural towers typically used in applications where the structure must be partially disassembled for transportation among well locations. Degasser Api rp 9b in api rp 9b condition 14 Qpi.

V-door slide in good condition. Pre-tour safety meetings conducted. Onsite H2S safety review conducted. Racking floor area in good condition Desilter Unit in api rp 9b condition 13 A.


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Drill floor level Electrical extension cords properly insulated RP54 9. Scoping ram stabilizers in good condition RP54 9. Climb assist device in good condition Written maintenance procedures should be given to the crew api rp 9b maintenance personnel.

BOP properly installed RP54 2. Spacers used to separate layers of pipe Moving parts guarded