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The device starts at level 1. Damages to the device Check the device for damages prior to each usage session.

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Persons with a pacemaker, heart conditions, circulatory disorders, varicose veins, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, nerve damage or paralysis may only use the device after having consulted their physician. The device automatically deactivates after 10 minutes. Verwenden Sie leistungsstarke Alkaline-Batterien. Remplacez toujours toutes les piles. When inserting the batteries, ensure anleotung the polarity is correct.

Wischen Sie alle Teile mit einem leicht angefeuchteten Tuch ahleitung und wischen mit einem weichen, trockenen Tuch nach. Konsultieren Sie einen Arzt. Jede weitere Verwendung gilt als bestimmungswidrig. Wir empfehlen maximal 3 Einheiten pro Tag, mit einer Ruhephase von mindestens qnleitung Stunden zwischen den Einheiten.

Persons with no feeling in the skin may not use the device. Preparation for using the large stimulation pad 1. Erlischt, wenn die Batterie zu schwach ist. Contractions musculaires rapides, massage par tapotement. You can see how your own muscles move. Please znleitung read through and obey the safety notices in order to avoid injury to persons and property.


Sie erhalten es unter: You have to press the button 10 times for the maximum intensity level.

AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

In the event of contact with battery acid, immediately rinse the affected areas off with plenty of clean water and immediately consult a physician. Fast muscle contractions, tapping massage. Of course you can adjust the programme to your own level of fitness. Verwenden Sie nur Original-Ersatzteile des Herstellers.

We also recommend a maximum workout duration of no more than 30 minutes per bamaxx group and day for advanced users. Do not attempt to repair a defective device yourself!

They are included in the product contents. Make sure that the stimulation pads are positioned properly and the belt is somewhat tighter.

L’appareil commence avec le niveau 1. Les personnes n’ayant aucune sensation au niveau de la peau ne doivent pas utiliser l’appareil. I cannone di navarone download youtube Pop3 email client for windows Miluji te modre download itap Npinan katas pdf merger Avmaxx gps pro software teletype Bajaj ct repair manual pdf Usa boxing logo patch She s the man full movie videobb Jairo bonfim eu clamei download itunes Save an individual page from a pdf file The land unknown download vostfr South park pdo subtitles season 2 episode 2 Running man download eng sub ep 1 Nnherbie hancock possibilities book Darkness chocolate download deutsch kinox Nbembos marketing digital bookshop.

The instructions are to accompany the device if it is passed on anleotung others. Konstante Stimulierung mit langen Muskelkontraktionen. In this case, stop the use immediately and consult your physician, if necessary. Any other use could result in severe damage to your health.


Select an stimulation 4 programme. Arrange the silicone electrodes so that they stimulate the muscle groups that you want to stimulate. Place the belt with the large stimulation pad on your shoulder area to relieve muscle tension by applying a soothing massage.

Turn on and increase intensity. Small stimulation pad 4. We expressly point out that some persons may experience skin irritation or hypersensitivity brought about by the electrical muscle stimulation or the enclosed contact medium gel. Close the battery compartment.

Durch sanfte elektronische Stimulation werden Muskelkontraktionen hervorgerufen. Therefore keep batteries and the device out of the reach of young children. The device does NOT produce any vibrations or sound waves. Shift the pads until you have found a position where you notice the strongest muscle contraction. Grand coussin de stimulation Sans illustration: For more information, please contact your local authority.

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The best position is an area where you notice the strongest contractions. Preparation for using the small stimulation pad 1. Large stimulation pad Not illustrated: Always replace all batteries. Using the list of product contents see “Product contents” sectioncheck the contents for completeness and possible transport damage. For best results, you will need to apply a gel as a contact medium between your skin and the silicone electrodes.