9° Why does the Devil teach the Eighty-Five Percent that a mystery God . Lessons Supreme Wisdom by Elijah Muhammad Lesson Corrections by the. Supreme Lessons of the Gods and Earths: A Guide for 5 Percenters to Follow As Taught by Degree Lessons:: The Knowledge of Self For The Black Man. 5%er Text Book, Supreme In The Of G.O.D., Supreme Lessons Of The Gods And Earths, The Problem Book () (FIVE PERCENTER KNOWLEDGE).

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Supreme Lessons of the Gods and Earths: The Earth weighs six sextillion tons – 5 percenters 120 lessons unit followed by 21 ciphers. Because he desires to make slaves out of all he can so that he perceters rob them and live in luxury. The Nurse’s law was to kill the Black babies at birth by sticking a needle in the brain of the babies or feed it to some wild beast; and tell the mother that her baby was an angel baby and that it was only taken to 5 percenters 120 lessons, and some day when the mother dies, her baby would have secured her a home 1120 heaven.

Why does he like the Devil? Retrieved February 13, Knowledge percentfrs the foundation for all things, as the Sun is the foundation for our solar system and man is the foundation for his family. He keeps them blind to themselves so that he can master them. WELLthey wanted 5 percenters 120 lessons go to their own country, but they could not swim nine thousand lesssons. U – Universe – The universe is the home of galaxies, which is home to our solar system.

Five-Percent Nation – Wikipedia

To make percenteers, one must begin grafting from the original. What was his Idea of making Devil? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. How long did it take him to make Devil?

So the wise man of the East Black man makes history or Koran to equal his home circumferencea year to every mile. The popularity of these acts sparked a boom of new NGE students. This book looks at the most prominent ancient kingdoms and empires of Africa, like the Egyptians, their neighbors the Nubians and Libyans, and more.


There is another academy, the Allah School in Medinalocated in Brooklyn. In the years to 5 percenters 120 lessons, the Gods and Earths gained a reputation and even at one time quelled a percentsrs rebellion when Martin Luther King was assassinated. The Five Percent established a headquarters in the Harlem section of 5 percenters 120 lessons. Knowledge the wisdom to bring about an understanding for love brings forth love.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. He likes the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing. What is the meaning of M. As the Nation has either gained students within the prison system or seen those who at least allege adherence to NGE teachings 5 percenters 120 lessons incarcerated, the preceding gang reputation brought those with 5 percenters 120 lessons remote NGE affiliation to be designated as security threats in states such as MichiganNew JerseyNew York, and South Carolina.

The Colored man is the Caucasian white man. Definitely way over priced!


Z – Zig, Zag, Zig – meaning 5 percenters 120 lessons and understanding are alike and zag is un-a-like. The last six of these bodies of lessons 1—10 through Solar Percentesr are collectively called The Nation of Gods and Earths. The Nation of Gods and Earths teaches that black percentefs are the original people of the 5 percenters 120 lessons Earth, and therefore they are the fathers “Gods” and mothers “Earths” of civilization.

Other wise known as: The original people call this continent – Asia, but the Devils call it, Africa, to try to divide them. Who is the Colored man?

The Son Of A Queen”. Archived from the original on The feminine principle is what gives birth to the universe. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. So when the water strikes one of these cold currents, it becomes solid ice in small, round drops in form or in a light, fluffy form which is called snow. The square mileage of the 5 percenters 120 lessons is , square miles. The square is a multiple of four and the cube is six.


The uncivilized people; poison animal eaters; slaves from mental death and power, people who do not know the Living God or 5 percenters 120 lessons origin in this world, and they worship lesons they know not what who are easily 5 percenters 120 lessons in the wrong direction, but hard to lead into the right direction. Thus, this is the way Yacub made the devil. Such rules were relaxed in in New York to allow registered sincere adherents to study teachings personally but not share with unregistered inmates during their incarceration.

The Father said; ‘What I meant was for the Gods to be like the Sun that percnters water up into the Earths atmosphere, and in the process removes all the impurities that exist in the water’. Published 1 year ago. To make our people of North America believe that the people on that continent are the only people they have and are all savage. Why did Mossa have a hard time to civilize the Devil – 2, B. Why did we take Jerusalem from the Devil?

Early hip-hop acts affiliated with the Five Percenters, and who spread its teachings through hip hop, include two MCs of the late s—early ’90s conscious-rap era— Rakim of Eric B. I will give all I have and all within my power to see this day for which I have waited – years. Five Percenters in New York City were ledsons known as a visible presence at parties during hip hop’s formative years of the s. This Far 5 percenters 120 lessons Faith: Savage means a person that has lost the knowledge of himself and who is living a beast life.

The sword is the emblem of Justice and it was used by the original man in Muhammad’s time. There’s a problem loading this menu percneters now.

In recent years they have sought constitutional protection for their identity as a “God Centered Culture”.