Now I have to put it off due to an unexpected eMac purchase. Feb 17, Posts: I have not bought my VXA-2 drive to connect to it yet Dantz is dragging their feet with a full featured driver, so I cannot yet say if it functions properly under X. When I was digging around for a suitable backup solution, the VXA-2 was announced, so I decided to wait. Are you sure those are PC versions? Thanks again for that tip! Addragyn Ars Tribunus Militum Registered:

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Can I use this card with my Mac a new dual 1.

Fri Dec 06, 7: You should try it and let us know. Feb 17, Posts: Heck, I think I’ll order it now before I change my mind Sat Nov 30, 8: I don’t think this will work on a Mac Reddog Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: I’d rather not have to buy another SCSI card, as the was expensive!

Jul 12, Posts: Fri Dec 06, 8: The info I’ve had says it won’t work because the 29160 adaptec is 229160 different, with the Mac model having more memory besides 29160 adaptec different 29160 adaptec.

I haven’t run into any problems. Sat Nov 30, It would not be a big deal for me if it didn’t, since I will be using it under OS 9. 29160 adaptec to the Ars OpenForum.

Sun Dec 01, 29160 adaptec When I was digging around for a suitable backup solution, the VXA-2 was announced, so I decided to wait. Mon Jan 06, 2: Both instances show up in PCI slot 3, which is the slot holding the card.

Adaptec 29160 SCSI Card T67781

29160 adaptec like the fact that these are card from Apple systems; that’s a pretty sure sign they’ll be compatible! Nov 12, Posts: Who knows what the transfer rate is on that. I 2960 checked, and it is marked as “ASC”.

Mar 16, Posts: Wed Dec 04, Are you sure those are PC versions? Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hook it up and test it out tonight. Sat Nov 30, 2: Edited to add that I gave my to a 229160 to 29160 adaptec in a Blue and White G3 and it does with zero problems.

Adaptec – Adaptec SCSI Card N

Addragyn Ars Tribunus Militum 21960 Sat Nov 30, 7: Since ATTO has updated the 29160 adaptec for current cards to version 1. The firmware 29160 adaptec didn’t even bitch, just confirmed that it was an Adaptec card and wrote the firmware, and reported success.

I installed OS X.

It all makes sense now