Origin of the Holy War Rivalry

A look into how Bellarmine's rivalry with St. Francis started.


Sanguine Humors Hosts Successful January Show

Night of Improv Humor Funds Free the Children


Sharing Knowledge for Equal Opportunity

Max Yun '17 discusses his summer volunteer experiences from teaching English to the impoverished youth of rural China.


Super Bowl 50: A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Super Bowl 50 Impact on Bay Area


How To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

Mr. McLarty's Christian Ethics classes look to break the cycle of poverty in Santa Clara County.


Ball is Life

Lazar's Blazers, an upperclassmen intramural team, began their season with a win on Tuesday, December 1st.


A Walk for Life: Pro-Life March

Bellarmine Students in the Pro-Life Club participated in a walk in San Francisco in protest the legality of abortion.


Surface Replacing iPad?

Rumors circulating that Surfaces will replace iPads next year.


New iPad Policy

Bellarmine's newest iPad policy, effective February 1st, bans all games from iPads. Mrs. Luscher speaks on behalf of the administration...


In Response to Twitter Drama

An individual's opinion in regards to this past weekend's ongoing dispute over Bellarmine's pro-life club and more.